WAI - Wide Arch - Integral Flange

A hand-built rubber expansion joint with a long flowing wide arch made of heat resisting synthetic elastomers with integral rubber one-piece bonded flanges providing maximum flange joint integrity. The elastomers used are pure rubber with no filler or recycled rubber. The integral flanges can be reinforced with split metal reinforcing/retaining rings.

These joints although they look similar to a narrow arch joint do have a wider arch, providing a joint with greater movement capability and lower spring rates than the narrow arch. They can be manufactured in one, two, three or four arches depending upon the amount of movement required.

The joints consist of a seamless inner tube of various elastomers depending upon the required service of the joint and what they are to convey water, sewage, chemicals, petroleum products, gases, etc. The joints have an outer cover of elastomer to protect the inner tube from damage or abuse. The joints are reinforced generally with a tough nylon fibre cord.

Nominal Bore
32 - 1000mm

Material Types
Various Types Available

Positive Pressure
410 - 1140 kPa

Negative Pressure
250 - 660 mm H.g