Our Products

RADCOFLEX products are used extensively throughout many industries for a wide variety of applications including the conveying of materials and gases, mechanical protection, pipeline movement control and vibration absorption.

Our manufacturing size range covers from 5mm metal hose to 3000mm expansion joints. In addition we can supply many ancillary products used in conjunction with our range to provide our customers with a one-shop solution.

Our Core Product Range

  • Metal Expansion Joint

    RADCOFLEX metal expansion joints consist of a metal bellows element fitted usually with fixed or floating (swivel) flanges, or pipe weld ends to facilitate installation into a pipework system. The metal bellows element consists of a number of convolutions formed into the wall of a relatively thin gauge cylinder usually of stainless steel or other high nickel alloys.

  • Rubber Expansion Joint

    Rubber joints consist of a rubber bellows element fitted usually with fixed or floating (swivel) flanges, or pipe unions to facilitate quick installation into a piping system. The RADCOFLEX range covers from the moulded spherical style to complex hand-built wide arch styles with integral flanges.

  • Fabric Expansion Joint

    RADCOFLEX fabric expansion joints are manufactured from the latest fluoro-polymer based heat sealable fabric materials. These materials combined with insulation layers as necessary can provide joints with temperature ratings up to 1000C.

  • Corrugated Metal Hose

    RADCOFLEX manufactures a wide variety of corrugated hose (also known as convoluted hose) generally supplied as a component of an assembly. The metal hoses can be supplied unbraided, single or double wire braided depending upon the pressure capability required.

  • Stripwound Metal Hose

    Stripwound flexible metal hoses are produced by roll forming a profile into a metal strip and helically winding the strip over a mandrel. The edges of each successive turn of the strip are locked together to form a hose that flexes by the sliding action within the two profiled locksections.

  • Composite Hose

    Composite Hoses are manufactured on the mandrel wrapped principle and consist of an inner wire spiral upon which layers of fabric and film are wrapped and wound with an external wire spiral. The tension between each wire spiral gives the hose its pressure capability.


Our Quality

RADCOFLEX has in place and operates to a Quality Management System that complies with International Standard ISO 9001.

Our adherence to the Quality Management Systemís requirements is backed by a committed attitude throughout the organisation to the manufacture and supply of quality products that will perform as expected.

We believe that this continual ongoing attention to quality has been a major factor in the growth of our business, creating a customer loyalty that outweighs price alone purchase decisions.

All of us at RADCOFLEX are committed to meeting our customerís expectations and requirements with a quality product and service.

Our Exports

When operating in a global economy you need to know that you are dealing with a trusted, experienced and reliable company with a thorough knowledge and understanding of global export requirements. Companies need to be capable of meeting the exacting demands of worldwide export markets.

In RADCOFLEX Australia, with over 40 years of experience in exporting, you have that assurance. When you deal with RADCOFLEX Australia, you are dealing with an exporter you can trust. We have exported to Africa, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Peru and throughout SE-Asia and the Pacific.

In a global economy, we are your global exporting industrial hose and expansion joint manufacturer.