A single metal bellows element fitted with flanges, floating flanges or pipe weld ends, with movement control tie rods attached to the joint hardware. The joint is generally fitted with welded (fixed in place) tie rod washers as movement restraining stops, or alternativly can be with threaded rod as the tie rod utilising adjustable nuts as the movement restraining stops. This latter method is generally referred to as jacking rods (i.e. JFF Joints).

This joint is used to absorb small amounts of lateral deflection and/or piping misalignment thus relieving stresses on attached pipework or equipment and can also be used as a vibration eliminator provided the vibration is in the lateral plane not the axial plane.

Suitable for small lateral (offset) movements controlled by the tie rods.

Manufactured to the guidelines laid down in the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc. (EJMA).