DRYSEAL - C1 consists of a non-woven fibreglass insulation mat laminated to a durable outer cover to form a single membrane. The outer cover consists of a PTFE coated fabric and a latest technology gas seal barrier which has been laminated to one side of the fabric. The single membrane construction minimises the formation of hot spots, and because the insulation mat is mechanically bonded to the outer cover component, it acquires the tensile strength properties of the outer cover.

DRYSEAL - C1 is generally used as the flexible membrane in fabric expansion joints. The fabric has been especially developed for high temperature, mechanically demanding flue gas applications. Whilst this product is not recommended for wet acid applications, the gas barrier does provide some external corrosive resistance.

DRYSEAL - C1 fabric can be used as a flat belt or integrated with flanges or pipe hardware to create an expansion joint to absorb movements and misalignments in ductwork. Once measured and cut to size to suit the application or ductwork, the fabric can be heat seal joined to form a continuous belt.

It is recommended RADCOFLEX construct and assemble any new fabric expansion joints involving hardware.

Replacement fabric membranes can be fitted by the customer in most cases, subject to the complexity of the hardware configuration involved. A Heat Seal Iron, heat sealing film and instructions are available from RADCOFLEX if required.

0C 538C

Pressure Rating
5 psi

13.8 mm