Transdock is suitable for the heavy duty suction and discharge transfer of petroleum products in road and rail tanker, dockside and ship to shore applications. Transdock-S has the added suitability for applications involving corrosive atmospheres and splash.

In general, composite hose is not recommended for conveying products with a fluid viscosity in excess of 400cSt (400mm˛/sec) and a flow velocity in excess of 7mtr/sec (23 feet/sec).

Composite hose made from heavy duty polypropylene fabrics and films with a double layer of abrasion resistant PVC coated fabric cover, reinforced with internal and external wire helixes. The hose contains a barrier layer for 100% aromatic hydrocarbons.

The hose can be covered with rope lagging for external protection if required.

Manufactured to the specifications where applicable of EN 13765 Type 3 (100-200mm) Type 2 (250mm), and AS 2117 Type 2 Grade 1 & 2, and IMO IBC Code.

Nominal Bore
100 - 250mm
Nominal Pressure
14 Bars
Inner Wire
Outer Wire
Galvanised / SS316