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Composite hose made from polyester and polyamide fabrics and films, reinforced with internal and external wire helixes.

Principal Applications
Transgas hose in general is suitable for the transfer of cryogenic conveyants down to – 50°C, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) handling and can be used for other conveyants as per Conveyant Compatability Guides.
To transport LPGs, it is standard practice to liquefy them either by refrigeration down to -50C, or by pressurisation at approximately 20 Bar pressure at ambient temperature.

Colour Code
White outer cover with green stripe.

Size Range
25mm – 200mm

(Inner) SS316
(Outer) SS316

Manufactured to the specifications where applicable of EN 13766 Class A Type 1 (25-100mm), IMO IGC Code and AS 1869 Class E (25-100mm).
Note : the 150 and 200mm hoses have a lower pressure rating than the above Standards and due care must be taken in their selection.

Temperature range from -50°C to +45°C.

Supply Lengths – standard
25-100mm – 20 metres
150-200mm – 10 metres

Product Code
TG_ _ _