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Wire Braiding

Stainless steel wire interwoven to provide a thatched hose stocking. The braid can be supplied loose, or fitted directly on to other products by processing through the braiding machine. The braid is generally supplied with a circular bore but will tend to mould over the shape of the item being braided.

Weave of Braid
Each thatch of wire can consist of between 1 and 14 wires, providing from a very open weave through to a full coverage weave of braid. The RADCOFLEX production capability includes 32, 48 and 96 Carrier braiders so between 32 and 1344 individual strands of wire can be utilized.

Pressure Enhancement Applications
For applications where the braid is being used to enhance the pressure capability of another product (eg metal, rubber or plastic hose), it is recommended that for optimum results, a full coverage wire thatch should be braided directly on to the product for maximum tightness. The selection and use of the correct braiding angle (the angle of the wires in relation to the centre line of the hose) is of vital importance in achieving optimum performance.
Please contact your RADCOFLEX Sales Office for further details.

Manufactured to the specifications where applicable of ISO 10380.

Nominal Bores
From 7mm to 350mm – the bore is measured when the braid is in its natural state at rest. The nominal bore of braid, by its construction, is able to be manipulated from its original bore by enlarging (pushing the braid together longitudinally) or reducing (by stretching it).

Bend Radius
Wire braiding will provide protection and support for the item being braided but by nature of its construction, it will not significantly reduce the bend radius and handling characteristics of the core product.

Materials of Construction
Stainless Steel AISI 304, AISI 316

Wire Thickness
Standard – 0.32, 0.50, 0.60mm
Other thicknesses available on special order and for sufficient quantities.

Supply Lengths
20m – standard
100m and over – available on special order (depending upon the braid diameter).

Product Code
For AISI 304 BRSS—
For AISI 316 BRSS6—



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