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Style FTF Twin Sphere

A flexible joint made of heat resisting synthetic elastomers and moulded in a twin sphere shape with vanstoned metal floating flanges, pipe unions or threaded mating flanges.

Principal Applications
Ideal for applications requiring large axial, lateral and angular movements. Industries include shipbuilding, power generation, chemical plants and buildings.

Movement Capabilities
– Axial
– Lateral
– Angular
Style FTF joints are not capable of absorbing more than one movement at a time (i.e. non-concurrent), nor absorbing
torsional (i.e twisting) movement.

Manufactured from heat and chemical resisting elastomers of special composition superior to natural or chloroprene rubber, reinforced with tough nylon fibre cord. The moulded vanstone flange has imbedded in its wall a high tensile wire to ensure rigidity. A heavy duty expansion joint is available for pressures up to 2300kpa (335psi) which has a reinforcing ring attached on the outside of the joint between the twin spheres.

Material Type Options
Type BB – (Outer) Chloro Butyl – (Inner) Chloro Butyl
Type EE – (Outer) EPDM – (Inner) EPDM
Type NH – (Outer) Neoprene – (Inner) Hypalon
Type NN – (Outer) Neoprene – (Inner) Neoprene
Type NP – (Outer) Neoprene – (Inner) Nitrile (Buna-N)

Size Range
Style FTF – 32mm (1 1/4″) – 600mm (24″)
Style FTFA – 25mm (1″) – 750mm (30″)
Style FTFB – 25mm (1″) – 300mm (12″)

Joint Lengths
The moulded spherical rubber expansion joints are available in three ranges of lengths. These three ranges are identified as styles FTF, FTFA and FTFB as per the attached specifications.

Although there is no specific standard on the lengths the styles are generally used in different parts of the world as follows:
Style FTF – Asia, Australasia, Japan, Pacific
Style FTFA – Americas
Style FTFB – Europe

Pressure & Vacuum
Style FTF – 758kpa – 1600kpa (Positive) – 600mm H.g (Vacuum)
Style FTFA – 689kpa – 1600kpa (Positive) – 600mm H.g (Vacuum)
Style FTFB – 1600kpa (Positive) – 600mm H.g (Vacuum)