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XFF / XWW Axi-line

A single metal bellows element fitted with flanges or pipe weld ends and incorporating a pipe liner and an external shell. This style of joint is most suitable for applications involving movements in long piping runs with large amounts of thermal expansion. Also recommended where maximum system safety is an issue, and protection of the bellows element is
The joint is externally pressurised. With an internally pressurised bellows the movement capability is restricted by the squirm pressure. When the bellows is pressurised externally it becomes pressure stabilised irrespective of the length to diameter ratio thus allowing the use of a greater bellows length at a given pressure.
Drain ports can be provided in the shell for removing sediment or condensate.

Movement Capability
Suitable for large axial movements. Standard joints have 100, 150 & 200mm of movement.

Manufactured to the guidelines laid down in the standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc. (EJMA).

Pressure Rating – standard joints
10 and 20 bars – subject to pressure capability of attached hardware.

Bore Size Range – standard
25 – 900mm

Product Code
Type XFF – flanges both ends
Type XWW – pipe weld ends both ends
Type XFW – flange one end, weld end the other

Pipework System Notes
Joint needs to be properly guided and anchored however since the joint has an integral pipe liner guide, it requires less guides than an internally pressurised joint.
RADCOFLEX recommends you consult your pipework engineer on pipework design and expansion joint selection.
Full technical specification booklets are available from RADCOFLEX to assist.