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FF / WW Single Unrestrained

A single metal bellows element fitted with fixed flanges, floating flange or pipe weld ends for use in absorbing movements in pipelines. The joint has no movement restraining hardware attached. Internal flow liners can be fitted to assist with obtaining a smooth flow and to minimise friction losses. Where vibration absorption is a consideration, the bellows element can be constructed from more than a single ply of material i.e multi-ply.

Movement Capability
Suitable for –
Axial (longitudinal)
Angular (rotation)
Lateral – small amounts (offset)
The amount of movement is dependent upon the number of convolutions in the bellows element.
Movements stated are for non-concurrent movement (i.e. each type of movement occuring independently).
Consult RADCOFLEX if movements are to occur concurrently as movement capabilities will be impacted.

Manufactured to the guidelines laid down in the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc. (EJMA).

Pressure Rating – standard joints
1, 4, 10 and 20 bars – subject to pressure capability of attached hardware.

Bore Size Range – standard
25 – 3000mm

Product Code
Type FF – fixed flanges both ends
Type WW – pipe weld ends both ends
Type FW – flange one end, weld end the other
Type FV – fixed flange one end, floating (swivel) flange the other

Alternate Selections
Where large amounts of movements are anticipated and main anchors cannot be provided economically, the use of a restrained type joint (HFF, GFF, TFF) is recommended.
Where large amounts of axial movement in long piping runs are anticipated, the use of XFF joints is recommended.

Pipework System Notes
This joint will not absorb pressure thrust forces. Being unrestrained, to function correctly it needs to be properly guided, and the piping system must be provided with substantial main anchors to restrain the pressure thrust forces imposed on the pipework system.
RADCOFLEX recommends you consult your pipework engineer on pipework design and expansion joint selection.
Full technical specification booklets are available from RADCOFLEX to assist.