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RFF / RWW Rectangular

Metal bellows element rails constructed into a square or rectangular shape utilising single or double mitre corner welding, and fitted with flanges or flat bar weld ends. The joint can be fitted with internal liners, external covers and movement control hardware.
This type of joint is used primarily to absorb thermal expansion in low pressure, high temperature air and gas ducting.

Movement Capability
Suitable for axial compression

Manufactured to the guidelines laid down in the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc. (EJMA).

Pressure Rating – standard joints
1 bar

Size Range
This type of joint is generally custom manufactured to suit each application. The dimensions and size of joint are determined by the duct size. Larger items may need to be transported to site in segments for final fabrication.

Product Code
Type RFF – flanges both ends
Type RWW – weld ends both ends
Type RFW – flange one end, weld end the other

Convolution Rails – standard
In 1, 2 or 3 convolution rails with standard convolution heights of 100 and 150mm.

Pipework System Notes
RADCOFLEX recommends you consult your pipework engineer on pipework design and expansion joint selection.
Full technical specification booklets are available from RADCOFLEX to assist.