WA - Wide Arch

A joint with a long flowing (wide) arch made of heat resisting synthetic elastomers moulded into a spherical shape with one-piece bonding of the two flanges through the arch providing maximum flange joint integrity.

Manufactured from heat and chemical resisting elastomers of special composition reinforced with tough nylon fibre cord. An extra thick elastomeric tube offers superior performance in harsh applications.

The arch is self flushing making it ideal for slurries. The wide arch reduces turbulence eliminating the need for a ‘filled arch’ type joint. The integral bonded flange faces provide a full face seal to the matching pipework flanges, and can be reinforced with split metal reinforcing flanges.

Nominal Bore
25 - 750mm

Material Types
Various Types Available

Positive Pressure
620 - 1516 kPa

Negative Pressure
660 mm H.g