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Composite Hoses

Composite Hoses are manufactured on the mandrel wrapped principle and consist of an inner wire spiral upon which layers of fabric and film are wrapped and wound with an external wire spiral. The tension between each wire spiral gives the hose its pressure capability.

A hose’s end application determines what materials will be used in its assembly. These can include: Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyamide. The wire helixes can be of galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel, or polypropylene-coated steel.


The RADCOFLEX range of composites can be supplied polypropylene rope lagged for insulation or to protect the hose from abrasion.


RADCOFLEX supplies a full range of end connections such as male and female quick release couplings, flanges, male threads and female swivel nuts. Customer-specified fittings are available on request.


RADCOFLEX Composite Hoses are manufactured in accordance with generally recognised industry standards including European Standards EN 13765 & EN 13766, Australian Standards AS 2117 & AS 2683, and comply by the Australian Institute of Petroleum Code of Practice. They are also tested in accordance with International Standard ISO 1402, British Standard BS 5173, and Australian Standard AS 1180.