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Stripwound Metal Hoses

Stripwound flexible metal hoses are produced by roll forming a profile into a metal strip and helically winding the strip over a mandrel.

The edged of each successive turn of the strip are locked together to form a hose that flexes by the sliding action within the two profiled locksections.

Some stripwound hoses are fed a packing material into the profiled locksection to provide the hose with pressure capability.

There are two basic styles of stripwound hose:


A flat profile that has a limited pressure capability due to the closeness of the locksection. An interlocked hose is robust and strong even when elongated. It is ideal for conveying exhaust gases, grain, animal feed, pellets, dust, etc…, and as a mechanical protection for cables, wires and other hoses.

A high temperature composite packing material can be introduced to increase its pressure capability and enable it to be used in arduous industrial applications such as the conveyance of bitumen and steam.


As the name implies, a squarelocked hose has a square ridge profile and is very supple and flexible. A packing seal is needed for it to have a low pressure capability. A squarelocked hose is not as strong as an interlocked hose, but is more supple. It is ideal for conveying sawdust, hot air fumes, and as a mechanical protection for electrical wiring.