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Leading Flexible Hose & Expansion Joint Manufacturer & Supplier


The ability to supply in this broad range of materials enables our customers to obtain from one source an expansion joint for their needs whether it is conveying water, steam, gas, air, oil, chemicals, flue gas or dust.

The range compliments each other as each has its advantages for the application for which it has been developed or engineered. A broad outline includes:

Metal Joints – for higher temperatures, corrosive and abrasive industrial applications

Fabric Joints – for low pressure flue duct gas and acid service at moderate temperatures

Rubber Joints – for civil applications such as water supply lines at relatively low temperatures

PTFE – for highly corrosive applications

Pipework movement can generally be described as:

Axial – a longitudinal movement of expansion or contraction

Lateral – an offset movement from the centre line

Angular – an angled rotation of the element in the one plane

Angular motion is in general the least severe of the three and lateral motion is the most severe.

Whilst expansion joints can be engineered to resist torsional loads, they cannot tolerate torsional (twist) movements, nor absorb pressure thrust forces.