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Metal Expansion Joints

RADCOFLEX metal expansion joints consist of a metal bellows element fitted usually with fixed or floating (swivel) flanges, or pipe weld ends to facilitate installation into a pipework system. The metal bellows element consists of a number of convolutions formed into the wall of a relatively thin gauge cylinder usually of stainless steel or other high nickel alloys.

The metal expansion joints can be fitted with movement control hardware such as tie rods, hinges and gimbal rings as required by the application. The expansion joint assembly can be fitted with external covers to protect the metal bellows.

Metal expansion joints can also be fitted with internal liners to:
– Minimise friction losses and enhance a smooth flow
– Minimise resonant vibration resulting from high flow velocities
– Mitigate the effects of turbulent flow usually generated upstream of the expansion joint
– Prevent erosion of the bellows element in abrasive media applications
– Reduce the temperature of the bellows in high temperature applications

RADCOFLEX metal expansion joints can be manufactured in circular, square or rectangular shapes in accordance with the Standards of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association Inc (EJMA).