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Fabric Expansion Joints

Fabric expansion joints consist of two major components, the fabric belt material and the attached metal frame which connects to the ducting pipework by welding or bolting.

RADCOFLEX fabric expansion joints are manufactured from the latest fluoro-polymer based heat sealable fabric materials. These materials combined with insulation layers as necessary can provide joints with temperature ratings up to 1000C.

The fabric can be used as a flat belt or integrated with flanges or pipe hardware to create an expansion joint to absorb movements and misalignments in ductwork. Once measured and cut to suit the application or ductwork, the fabric can be heat seal joined to form a continuous belt.

Replacement fabric membranes can be fitted by the customer in most cases, subject to the frame hardware configuration involved. A heat seal iron, heat sealing film and instructions are available from RADCOFLEX if required.

RADCOFLEX fabric expansion joints can be manufactured in circular, square or rectangular shapes and are in accordance with the guidelines of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) Non-metallic Ducting Expansion Joints.