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    RADCOFLEX Discusses Technical Considerations When Selecting a Fabric Expansion Joint

    Posted on 9th November 2016


    Expansion joint assembly

    RADCOFLEX recommends the purchase of complete assemblies, ready for lifting into place. Fit and assembly are guaranteed since the fabric element is attached to its flanges at the factory. A key benefit is that the assembly is part of a fixed cost, eliminating any variables that may occur at the site.

    Large expansion joints requiring shipment in sections must be factory pre-assembled, matched, marked and packaged for easy assembly after storage. Complete instructions are included with every expansion joint and field service supervisors or installation crews are available if desired.

    Calculating movement

    The amount of movement a fabric expansion joint is capable of is related to the width of the working face to face (span) of the fabric.

    The axial movement capability can be calculated by dividing the width of the span by three (3); i.e., a fabric span of 150mm would provide 50mm of axial movement.

    The lateral movement capability can be calculated by dividing the width of the span by ten (10); i.e., a fabric span of 150mm would provide 15mm of lateral movement.

    When joints are required to absorb angular and torsional movements, engineering calculations are required.

    Fabric expansion joint replacement

    The fabric portion of an expansion joint should have a long service life that matches the life of the ductwork. The eventual replacement of this component should be a consideration in its selection.

    RADCOFLEX’s ‘flat belt’ style fabric membrane can be replaced at a fraction of the original expansion joint purchase price. Many specially formed fabric elements, available at a slightly lower initial cost require complete replacement, which results in a significantly higher cost over the life of the plant.

    Field splicing of fabric membranes

    The flexible membrane of a fabric expansion joint may require splicing at the jobsite, such as for membrane replacement or large assembly installation. RADCOFLEX can provide heat seal irons, on-site supervision services, and/or detailed splicing instructions if required.