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Leading Flexible Hose & Expansion Joint Manufacturer & Supplier

Welcome to Radcoflex

RADCOFLEX is an Australian-owned and internationally recognised manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Flexible Hose Assemblies and Expansion Joints, including composite hose, industrial hose, metal hose, metal braided hose, metal bellows, metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints and rubber joints.

Incorporated in 1957, RADCOFLEX has a long history of supplying flexible piping solutions to a wide variety of industries including the automotive, power generation, materials handling, refrigeration, refineries, petrochemical, telecommunications, smelting, mining, marine, defence, ventilation, road making, oil, gas and chemical industries.

Flexible Hose & Assemblies

Our products are used in a vast array of applications from the conveyance of fuels, gases, dusts, air, steam, water and bitumen, to the mechanical protection of cables, wires and other hoses. They can be used to absorb vibration, seismic movements, correct misalignments, and act as connections between moving parts.

A key feature in RADCOFLEX’s success has been its attention to providing a consistently good quality product that our customers can rely upon, products manufactured to globally recognised standards and guidelines. Our sales engineers work with our customers to provide proven solutions for their specific requirements.

Expansion Joints & Metal Bellows

RADCOFLEX manufactures & supplies custom-engineered expansion joints in a range of metal, fabric, PTFE and rubber materials for pipework movement solutions. Expansion joints with a proven track record of providing a long service life, and reducing plant down time and maintenance costs.

Your trusted manufacturer and supplier

Whether a one-off or a large scale order requiring custom-built expansion joints, composite, or braided flexible hoses, we are your trusted manufacturer and supplier.


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